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Updates : One of a Kind Museum Open on all days 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs Entry: Indian Rs 100/- Student Rs 50/- Foreigner Rs 200/-

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  • History of Gem and Jewellery Tradr of Jaipur

Objectives Of Making The Museum

  • Promote trade of Gems and Jewellery

  • Serves as an employment generation unit

  • Preserving the valuable objects of historical and national importance

  • Medium to educate the society about gems and jewellery

  • A positive mark will add to the image of Rajasthan

  • Leaving footprints of forefathers behind

  • Help in boosting tourism industry

  • Earn global goodwill and pride for Rajasthan


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Dr. Rajnikant Shah, born on Nov 22, 1935 in Dhanera (Gujarat) presently resides in New York. His family includes wife Niranjana Shah, 3 daughters, a son & grand children. All settled in New York.

In 1947 he came to Jaipur to study. He is a gold medallist from Subodh High School scholarship in college.He was originally a doctor by Profession & highly qualified doctor in states ranging from Delhi to Ahmedabad. He has worked in medicine for twenty years. He was the person behind establishing SDMH. He started a nursing home with 11 beds and today, it is 400 bed hospital. Destiny made him leave this profession in 1976. There are not many people in India who are doctors and who have ventured in gems trade. He joined Gemstone business in 1975 at the age of 40. It was sheer destiny that brought him into this business. Then, by 2005, he retired.

After retirement he pursued his creative ideas. Stamp collection is his hobby; he developed this hobby from 1947 and it continues till today. He developed a website of stamps, a web museum of gems and jewellery stamps which houses 15000 individual and other varieties of stamps collected from across the world from all countries which is available freely on Google.

He always had in mind a creative idea and to do something which is not in routine. He did a lot of research for 10 years & published two books. He created a gem stone temple in NY which is unique in world. This is one of the biggest structure carved out of gem stone in the world. It started in 2001; It was established and donated to public in the year 2010

He is a Philanthropist who believes that a person should retire at the age of 70 and spend few years in social and other welfare activities. So that at the end of his life, he proves as a useful person to the society and not only to the business. He has donated for religious causes, education, hospital, establishing hospital was a major contribution. He has donated an outdoor building to Durlabhji hospital & the MBA building to Subodh College.

He further went ahead with his dream of museum, funds were not a limitation. In 2015, he decided to get involved with the making of a museum in Jaipur in gem and jewellery; he coordinated with jewellers in Jaipur and New York. By September 2017, the museum had taken shape and was opened to public. And as per his passionate nature, he is now working on his new creation, a gemstone temple in India…


Great collection & display of exquisite jewellery and of the process of making it.Hope it will educate and inspire the youth to join the trade.

Shri D B Gupta, Chief Secretary , Govt. of Rajasthan, 11 October 2018

A great effort made by Jewellery fraternity . It would inspire generations as the story of Gem & Jewellery has gifted the city & Globe.

Shri Kuldeep Ranka, Principal Secretary, Dept. of Tourism Art & Culture, 11th October 2018

Wonderful! Wonder of nature presented in a tasteful manner. I wish all the best!

Shri N.C Goyal, Chief Secretary Govt Of Rajasthan, 14th Feb 2018

Museum has displayed Natures gift from all over the world . This museum is a new diamond aomngst world renowned tourism spots in Jaipur

Shri Manoj Bhardwaj Deputy Mayor,Jaipur, 6th March 2018


Douglas Hucker, President AGTA, 5th March 2018

It is a wonderful experience. Must say its very well designed & has great knowledge for any layman who needs to know about gems & jewellery.

Prernaa Makhariaa ,Blogger & Influencer @Styleprer, 3rd Dec 2017

Thank you for such an amazing experience. A great addition to the city of Jaipur. Wishing you much success!

Adrian Banks, Gemfields, 16th Feb 2018

Wonder full Collection- very much enjoyed the jewelry

Dunkan Pay, GIA Carlsberg CA, 19th April 2018

"Congratulations on a wonderful museum"

Stephen Kohler Swarvoski, 10th October 2017

Very good collection but you need to display more detailed information. All the best. Great Job!

Richa Goyal Sikri , Director STIC Travel Group, 29th Jan 2018

Congratulations on your MGJF Museum ,very Educational. Keep it up for future generation.

Hemlut Swarovski, Chairman Advisory Board, Swarovski, 22nd Oct 2018

Amazing place, wonderful experience. I wish them all the very best and good luck.

Hirdesh Kumar Sharma , Director, Archaeological Survey Of India, 3 Dec 2018